Moving Forward: My Commitments to You


  • Regular outreach and updates through meetings, information sessions, email, and Facebook

  • Cooperate and collaborate with First Nations on important community initiatives

  • Ensure residents have the information they need to plan for emergencies

Land Use Planning for a Sustainable Future

  • Complete Cowichan-Koksilah Official Community Plan, including local area plans for Sahtlam and for the Eagle Heights/Koksilah Business Park area 

  • Focus on ensuring strong zoning bylaws to implement the OCP and local area plans

  • Engage in meaningful community consultation in land use decision-making processes

  • Advocate for better land, soil, and ecosystem type inventory information and GIS capabilities

  • Advocate to adopt leading edge practices specifically in green building, regional planning, active transportation and rezoning amenity contributions

Water and Natural Environment

  • Support for Cowichan Watershed Board to lead “whole of watershed” protection and management for the Cowichan and Koksilah Rivers

  • Advocate for the development of a Cowichan/Koksilah Watershed Sustainability Plan, including implementation of storm water management for the Sh-hwuykwselu watershed to reduce flood risk on Koksilah floodplain

  • Advocate for "whole of watershed" thinking and collection of information and planning to support sustainable water use and watershed management

  • Support implementation of soil deposit bylaw to lower risk of dumping of contaminated soil

  • Advocate for a review of private forest management regulations

Parks and Trails

  • Continue to support Area E parks and trails master plan projects

  • Continue to advocate for regional thinking, particularly regarding parks, trails, recreation, and growth management

  • Work with Cowichan Tribes on initiatives to improve road safety and walkability in the Koksilah Business Park/Eagle Heights area

  • Complete Koksilah Road pilot pathway


  • Advocate for routine third party reviews of CVRD programs to evaluate and improve service delivery

Regional Infrastructure

  • Work with community associations and volunteer firefighters to ensure community facilities are maintained and meet community needs over the long-term

  • Support modernization of BC legislation pertaining to regional districts

  • Work with Ministry of Transportation staff to improve road safety and condition

Authorized by Alison Nicholson, Financial Agent,

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